Walls and other topics in the Bible…

Here and there in FB land I see references made to the Bible and God’s generosity and mercy toward mankind.

The stories shared are often designed to communicate that our nation and president are cold-hearted toward the influx of humanity that has lately arrived at the border.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Our nation has taken thousands of refugees into its borders, more than one hundred thousand from Cuba, alone,

BUT – we do not abandon caution.

We are careful.

Back to using the Bible in an attempt to wag a scolding finger at Americans whose positions are firm on the topic of strong borders, we must remember that the Bible is a spiritual book that deals with fallen humanity, and the lessons found within are a guiding light to those who desire a path not cloaked in shadows.

One such story…

In the Bible, in the book of Nehemiah, the wall that surrounded the city was broken down and the results were grieving Nehemiah.

His ruler gave him leave to go repair it.

In that story, the builders were threatened and Nehemiah himself was as well, to the point where they had a sword in one hand and a trowel in the other.

The message of that story is manifold. It is definitely communicating the fact that sacred and valuable property, land, territory, must be guarded well or it will be assailed with negative influences.

Now, Jesus was the Savior of mankind – spiritually, and he extended the invitation to “whosever will, come…”.

But He never advocated foolishness in the realm of self-protection or defense. And he never communicated a “land without borders” teaching. Even in his teaching re God’s kingdom, he made it clear that not all would be granted access if they didn’t turn away from their own wickedness and repent.

Spiritual Kingdom Invitation for all, yes.

Salvation for all who repent, yes.

But access to his kingdom to negative influences?


God’s Word does not say to foolishly allow thousands of people sprinkled with a criminal element into one’s country.

It is clear regarding boundaries, property lines, etc.

Christians support the president and it annoys some who loathe him, but his stance on the unborn child and the right to life keep that support in place, among other things, like security for our country.

Border security is necessary.

And doors are not locked – They Never Were.

We are just being careful as to whom we grant entrance.

Just thoughts…


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