He is…

So beautiful.

Almost unreal.

And I’ve challenged myself – I have.

I’ve made myself answer the hard questions.

“Aren’t you overly romanticizing this man?

No one is perfect and his flaws would irritate you eventually.”

I know.

I know they would.

But I look at him…

If he were standing here, I’d tell him,

I would look into his velvety dark eyes and I would say,

“I see you.

I ::see:: you

Living with purpose

Every day

Doing the difficult things

Accomplishing the impossible

In your way

Making the world a better place

With all of your strength

And I love you for that,

But it isn’t just that…

For, you see…

You do it in your tiny world, too.

You touch people around you

You protect them

You provide for them

You are there for them,

On a much smaller scale

Than what you do out there

In front of everyone.

You see…

You’re the same man on the job

That you are

In your life.

At work

At home

At play

Social settings

Family settings

Work settings

You give.

And you don’t stop.

You are the river

Giving life to everything around it.

You are calm and consistent and refreshing in your sameness.

Who could not love such a man?


i love you.

And if something happened to you

That caused you to depend on others

For the most basic thing

Then it would be hard

But it would also be an honor

A privilege

I’d count it all joy

To meet those needs

To be the one

Who was able to come forward

And uphold,

Because I watched you

As you did it for others


And tiredly







You gave

You sheltered

You protected

You loved

And it is all I can do

To Stop myself

From loving you

::too:: much.

Beloved, I KNOW

What life gave you to build with

I KNOW your beginning

And that is why I stand in AWE

complete AWE

To see what you have done with those materials.

Life gave you rubble

And brokenness in your youth

And you used it to build a castle.

A haven

With a drawbridge

And a moat

And do you know why?

It is because God made you

A castle builder.

A fortress creator.

You can’t be anything

Other than what He made you to be.

So like the man who spun gold out of straw,

You take base things

And you create


Do you understand now

Why I love…?

Why today

I will take the shawl you sent me

From another land far away

And I will wrap myself in it

And feel your embrace

As if you are here…

Your soft voice

Slipping quietly into my ears

And sliding downward

Into my soul

Warming me

Soothing me

Making me feel safe

The way everyone feels

The way everyone is

Who finds themselves blessed

To be

In your care.



Provided for.

And loved.”



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