The Best Kind of Father

Today is an emotional day.

Yesterday was too, and I did my best to throttle every fanciful thought that cropped up in my mind uninvited, the way we try to stop weeds from overtaking our garden.

But today –

Today is the day that humility clothes me like a garment.

I am reviewing things from last year,  expenses, unexpected ones, scary big ones that could have sabotaged my day-to-day and rendered me quite helpless,

But God.

The One who created this earth and then deposited life upon it – 

the One who doesn’t make things and then abandon them –

The Best Father In The World – 

who provides opportunities to work – 

He looks ahead on the timeline of a life and He prepares a path.

If we would only be obedient to his quiet gentle voice.

Every nightmarish situation that threatened was met by his hand.

And he did it in such a way that I was able to build dignity – work very hard – and see fruits of labor.

He is so amazing, how he sets us up in the most delightful of ways.

“I am going to give you the ability to do this thing, and as you complete your task, you will have more skills than when you began, you will have learned difficult lessons, you will be stretched and challenged, and you will grow.”

How can one resist a Father like that?

He is the best, most loving… 

(no words).

I remember when I was angry at him.

I remember when I didn’t trust him.

I remember when I was terrified of him.

And I remember when he showed me his good nature…
I was holding Josiah – he was just a baby.

I was filled with a powerful maternal love for my little boy, like the rushing waters of Niagra.

The pregnancy was high risk, and I paid an emotional and physical price for him to be here.

I knew that my other three may not have a new little brother if things didn’t go well, maybe even lose their mother.

But God was faithful and he kept us safe.
As I sat there holding my little baby, adoring him and enjoying his soft cuddly body in my arms, a very strong impression came over me – a “knowing”.

The kind of feeling you would have if a warm breeze blew not only over you, but through you – it was like that.

And I knew – Just as my little boy who could not – at that moment – comprehend with his little mind, the depth of love and sacrifice his mother had surging inside of her for him – so was our mind incapable of truly understanding the love of our Heavenly Father toward us.

He too, sacrificed for us –

He too, caused us to come into existence – 

And He too, adores us beyond measure.
Ever since that day – I have been secure in the love of God as my Father.

Which brings me back to today – going over things from last year, I see that he is “raising” me still, like the best kind of father does for his children, no matter how old they are.

Humility clothes me.

I am emotional.

I am tender toward all the best things.

I am humbled and am attempting to walk on the earth in a quiet way before the One who made it,

Who made me…

Who made You. 
We have – The Best Kind of Father.
– leah

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