Modern Day Dowry

It is funny, how we can allow our vessels, the clay pots we inhabit,to get so filmy inside.

Maybe things we read, or see, or allow ourselves to see…

Things we listen to, allow to enter into us…
I have been thinking about something since March.

A lot.
In English Lit, the children had to read a story about a woman who was denied her rightful dowry – money and possessions – by her guardian/brother. 

She was married, and then he refused to honor the tradition and kept her things.
It wasn’t that the man she married needed her things, He was wealthy.

But it was a matter of pride to her – a woman likes to bring something to the table, too, in a life-changing event of such importance.
The story and movie have to do with more than a woman’s honor, it has to do with a man’s (her husband’s) commitment to be true to himself as well.

I purchased the movie and the children watched it – John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara. Great movie.

“The Quiet Man.”
Long story short – I have been contemplating the time-honored and time-dissolved tradition of a woman’s dowry.

It no longer exists in much of our culture, but I think that women still want to bring something valuable to a relationship,

Add something to the pot, so to speak.
And I thought of character,

Integrity. Faithfulness. Honesty. Peacefulness. SelfLESSness. Kindness. Gentleness. Generosity,

The things that I believe true wealth consists of.

I examine my heart as I journal like a person checks their bank account to see what is in there,

and I think women and men would both do well to amass such loving character traits in great quantity – and distribute to those who are close to them.
We can get spiritually slimy inside.

If water is going to issue forth from us, the people around us should be able to drink it without feeling sick.

It is crucial.

Add to this,

Healthy blood flowing through our nervous system,

Healthy marrow in our bones,

Healthy muscle tissue making up our form…
It all takes daily maintenance – like the long term care of an inherited property.

How wealthy is your dowry, today?

How healthy is your “property”?
– Just thoughts

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