A Waterfall of Grace

The past two days contained rough waters

Demanding navigation

From a girl without a paddle 

From a woman with no oars.

An authority upset with me – half for the wrong reason, and half with good reason, (a weak area in performance).  

There were demands, “Amend this.”. One can fix the second, but not the first.

There was a time-table that seemed impossible,

And there I was 

in rough river flow, 

with no idea how to navigate the unfamiliar wisely.

Yet today, 

The Lord came through in the area of the first,

Blowing me away,


I’m imperfect.

My heart in need of cleansing


But his grace….

It confuses me.

It’s continual nonjudgmental flow

Is like a waterfall onto undeserving humans

Waiting at the bottom

Standing knee-deep in their mire

Face up, 

Needy while simultaneously sated.

And here it is again on this sinner,

Soaking me through to the bone.

He lives.

Jesus Lives.

Our Father sees,

And He Gives Grace abundant to his children.

Blessed be the Name of the Lord.

– leah

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