This morning during the drive to work I took an interchange that removed me from one highway and placed me on another.
This particular interchange takes you up a hill that curves downward and to the left.

As I crested the hill and took the curve I saw the freeway stretch out before me,

Photographer: Tom Kavana

A long narrow strip of black pavement with white dotted lines to guide me into safe travel.

The Sun was rising on my right and the entire picture – frozen in that one moment – had an effect on me.

It was almost as if I could see my life stretched out before me with a little pathway marked out by the Lord saying,  “This is the way you need to go.”,  and my heart was filled with happy expectation.

I do not know what tomorrow holds.
I only know that today my heart was filled with hope instead of sorrow,
And I wanted to share that glorious moment, frozen in time, with you.

Just in case there is someone who is looking for hope today…

Sometimes you are walking up a hill and you have no idea what is on the other side.
You don’t know if it will be more desert, or an oasis, or maybe a river – a life giving river – but if you just keep walking you will find out.

Somehow, we always find enough strength to take just one more step.

God bless you this morning as you attempt to live a fulfilling life.


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