The Practicality of Dreams

This meme was shared recently by a close friend.
My heart responded immediately, for I am romantic.
YES. That is it, exactly. That is what is happening inside of me. What ::has:: been happening.


And just as quickly as my heart leapt passionately toward the truths nestled in the words to embrace them tightly to my breast,
It pulled back.

Life does not always accommodate…

People don’t always click into place as effortlessly as Legos that were made for each other.

The person you would live for, breathe for, die for, may not be a good fit…

Even though you look at them and the world comes to life.
Even though their dark flashing eyes that sparkle with mirth cause your heart to pause from beating.
Even though their kisses cause that same heart inside of your chest to beat again, rapidly.

You may not be what they need.

Then again, you may be ::exactly:: what they need.
What they need, what they’ve wanted, what they’ve longed for for years.

Another meme comes to mind…


Could it be that we are each other’s “someones”?


I’m still recovering.

Impractical things that give us something to live for, hope for, reach for.

They give life.
They also take it.

There are dead bodies that litter the trail on Mt. Everest.
Dreamers that gave it all lie in the snow, frozen testaments to the passions of man that did not end well.

Were their passions less than those of their successful companions?

What made the difference, then?
And what makes the climber press on, once he has encountered the first  solemn warning lying at his feet, as he forces each one to continue moving forward?

There is a goal.
A goal they worked for, trained for, made sacrifices for, ahead of them.
Man wars against nature – a force that is greater than himself.
Man wars against man, enemies in his past that attempted to sabotage his progress.
And he struggles to overcome the ultimate conflict.
Man against Self.

He presses on.

We all have them.
And they motivate us.

As we rise up in the morning to live an effective day, our dreams float in our consciousness like clouds in the sky.
They are there whether we lift our heads to stare at them or not.

And having a companion to share in their pursuit is one of them.

I have embarked on a journey.
I am climbing an Everest of my own,
waging a battle against enemies in my past that broke the bones in my legs, causing me to limp,
Waging a battle against nature?
Not really.
Human nature, yes.
A battle against the self.
The broken willful stubborn self.
And legs that limp for their poor healing, despite their desire to run.

I see the solemn warnings in my path, just as the real climbers do.
Dead relationships litter the mountainside of my Everest.
And still I press on.

I press on because I know that there is more than death on the side of this mountain.

There are footprints of those who have gone on before me to achieve their goals.
In determination to overcome their weakness,
In determination to overcome their fatigue,
In determination to savor the rare and precious flavor of success that few men have ever known,
They pressed on.

They gave all, their eyes toward the top, focused on the summit.
They pressed on.
And so do I.


May the latter half of our existence contain the joy that lacked in the former.

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