Someone is Waiting

I watched the sun rise from the window of a plane this morning.
I was on the inside, the sun was on the outside.


It was glorious.

I detest flying.
I don’t know what it is about it, but I simply detest it.

The sunrise made the experience a less stressful thing, and I was thankful.
For those of you who detest hovering above the earth in a large silver bullet as much as I – if not more …
I have discovered that if one focuses on the loved ones waiting on the other end of the journey, the discomfort lessens.
The trip becomes bearable.

And it made me think of heaven, and the future.

This life is like an uncomfortable flight sometimes.

I think that love makes life worth living, but sometimes we are deprived of love and our journey can be stressful.

If we focus on the future, we can bear the journey.

If we focus on the fact that somewhere in our tomorrows, someone is waiting to embrace us, then we can walk another step and live another day.

And if we focus on the afterlife, if we focus on heaven itself, we can lift our eyes up from the ground and smile.
Someone up there is waiting for us too.

In the natural in our tomorrows, and in the supernatural in celestial places, there is a loved one waiting for you.

Look up – Look up, Beloved.
You have a future.
Something to look forward to,
And a hope.

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