Poisoned Water


There is a heaviness in the air today.
Many are talking about racial issues.
Racial equality is a good thing to discuss if done well.
It isn’t being done well by all, unfortunately.
Adults perpetuate division, while on beaches and playgrounds, children of all races play happily together.

I was witness to it last week, when a child-care agency bus arrived at the lake and multitudes of children from several heritages spilled out upon the sand to dig and build and play in the water together.
And they did.

Children note differences like they note different flowers – all are sweet while not the same – but all are flowers.

Today, this topic evokes a memory …

When I was in high school, I liked a boy named Roger.
He and I met at a choral convention and instantly fell for each other – spending the day together – holding hands and sneaking smooches in the hallway, when we weren’t singing.

We lived in different cities, though, so
we wrote letters and called each other on the phone.

There was a picture in the paper.
When my authorities discovered he possessed beautiful ebony skin they were less than pleased.
I received many speeches containing their views.

They made me break up.
I was not allowed to write.
Not allowed to call.
Not allowed to receive his letters.

Naturally, there was heartbreak and bitterness.
Here I am at age forty-four writing about it.
I can still remember lying on my bed reading his letters and crying inconsolable tears.

Racial equality exists.

It is something like water that just IS and children will play in it if you let them.

But people can poison water.
And they do.
They can deprive others of water,
And they do.

When you have water at your disposal, do what is right with it.
Nourish everyone within reach.

Pray for those who poison it.
They don’t really realize it,
but what they are doing deprives others of life.

Should if you want to share this simple message of truth,
I encourage you to do so.


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