Water on Pavement

– Love.
I’ve always perceived it as a well within me for family and friends to drink from.

“Come and draw out, and quench your thirst. I am here for you.” I would think.

For my children, I envision my love as a waterfall,
A never ending flow of floods and torrents that simply saturate them.
It is a very powerful force – dangerously so – for any one who would wound them.
Water isn’t always friendly.

And then today…
Today a new thought-
Water poured onto pavement.

That love you have in your heart that you are willing to give, but it isn’t wanted.
Your chosen recipient is pavement, not soft soil.

If one who had nothing stood by and thirstily longed for what you had in abundance… While you poured yourself out on one who did not want that love,

Wouldn’t the life-giving water of your affection be wasted?

Why would anyone waste life?

Kinda like baking bread and walking past a needy orphanage to take it to a king’s palace.

In the king’s palace, the loaf would be tossed in a basket to join many others, becoming a common thing, while in an orphanage it would be in the center of the table, and many grateful bellies would be filled.

Don’t squander life.
Or love.
They are the same.


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