Your Loved Ones are Waiting

There was a king with great faith.

Not a fable or a myth, but an actual king whose life is recorded in secular and spiritual historical documents. I think of him during times of severe illness because he went to God first and doctors second.

(I am a Christian, so many of my writings are influenced by that spiritual book, the Bible. Think what you will about organized religion, that book is chock full of wisdom, and I need it. There is no way I could conjure up wisdom like that on my own.)

So Hezekiah, he was sick, Very Very sick, and he prayed fervently and recovered from what was a lost cause, according to the physicians of that day and hour.

He didn’t reject medical care.

That always made an impression on me.

But he sought his Creator first, kind of like, “Hey. You made this body. Please fix this broken part right here…”. Simple, isn’t it? Jesus said you had to have the faith of a child to make it, and he was right.

You know how our kiddos come up to us with a broken toy or boo boo. “Fix it, Daddy…”, pure trust in their eyes…

For those of us who know our Heavenly Father, it is nothing for us to approach him in prayer and ask, “Fix it, Daddy.”.

I am not talking about asking God to make illness disappear. We know what the Bible says about illnesses… They will increase.

I AM talking to you about trust. In whom do you put your faith?

Organized religion has done much to damage the faith of mankind. Fallen men who use religion to control the masses have inflicted damage on the human heart. Jesus dealt with them in his day – calling them tombs, white on the outside but dead on the inside. And he called them vipers, too. Poisonous for the people.

We forget that.

We forget that we are not supposed to look to men but to God himself, and that he answers those who cry out to him.

Sometimes we have to wait… but the answer does come. It always comes when the time is right. Hezekiah was on his deathbed and while he did seek medical care he sought the Lord first, in his heart.

So I am asking you today, as the Covid virus travels around the world,

Around the nation,

And around your city,

In whom do you put your trust?

In whom do you put your faith?

Because that is going to determine your level of peace in this hour. And it is hard. It is very very hard,when you don’t have any guarantees that the happy ending you want is going to be given.

We have been deprived before, of the happy endings to a story we were living. People say that a day comes to all of us when we understand why…

This is what I know.

What we imagine or hope for may not come to pass,

But what God allows, is always good. Sometimes good right away,

sometimes good much later,

But it always always always turns out for the best.

Take note: In whom do you put your trust? In whom do you put your faith? Because that is going to determine your level of peace in this hour, and you need peace.

You need it for yourself, and you need it for the ones around you who are looking to you for guidance.

So get it.

And then give it.

Your loved ones…they are waiting.


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