Fear Does Not Get to Define You

Fear does not define you.
The virus does not define you.

Covid does not define us.
It’s scary because it’s invisible,
But focus on the recoveries.
Contracting the virus is not a guaranteed death sentence.
The media
Your own government
would like you to think that it is,
But it isn’t.

So catching it – does not define you.

Your Creator
That is who defines who you are.
What are your ingredients?
What makes you the unique individual that you are?

What are five good things that the majority of your friends would say about you?
Think about them.
Think on things that will edify and build you up!
And speak LIFE to yourself in your inner thoughts.

Don’t put yourself down.
Your self-talk will take root and shape your soul.
Do you want a twisted soul
Or a strong and upright soul?

This situation
While it will expose you
As all trials do,
Does not have the power to define you.

So don’t let it.

Don’t let it.

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