While Men Are Beheaded…

Beloved friends,
Beloved not-my-friends,
As we watch the world flip upside down,
As we see crimes against humanity repeated and continuing,
ugly crimes we aren’t used to seeing,
violent inhumane beheadings,
let us keep in mind that these things have been in existence for thousands of years.

David – a youth – beheaded Goliath after slaying him with a stone.
Muhammad and his men beheaded between 6 to 9 hundred men in a 25 day siege at the beginning of his bloody reign.

These things, the stonings of women in Iran and elsewhere,
the burying alive of Muslims across the ocean who convert to Christianity,
Even the burning of innocent men…
they are the realities of the world we live in.

Man can grow hard in his heart to the vulnerability of the human form.
Men and Women ::can:: hate that much;
So much that the cry of human suffering falls on deaf ears, – or worse – pleases the hearer. 

What are we to do, here?
Let us be bold and brave and stalwart in our hearts.
We must pray for our brethren who suffer from fear and who are in pain.
And we must fortify our spirit man.
Draw close to your Creator, even as you intercede for others, and find the assurance that yes, you are alive in him as the branch is – that is connected to the vine.

Then pray again, for your brethren who are at the mercy of those who have none.
What does God’s word say?
It says “Stand”.
When we’ve done all we can do, we are supposed to stand. 
So let’s do that.
And if we grow weary,
Let us bear one another up in the faith.

I will let you lean on me.
Please let me lean on you.


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