A High Horse, Indeed…

I listened to a portion of the President’s speech this morning.
I was not surprised to hear him say things like, “Lest we get on our high horse…”, among other idiotic statements that alluded to people thinking God spoke only to them and not others, which has nothing to do with anything.

Such statements really belong in maybe a coffee and tea conversation among friends, or even a philosophy classroom,
Certainly not in a speech which should have included everybody and their proverbial grandmother getting on a high horse and condemning the brutal inconceivable act of ISIS burning an innocent man, a noble man, a talented, good, and guiltless man, alive.

Mr. President, we CAN get on our moral high horse.
We had BETTER get on it.

This is not a situation we minimize by saying, “Well, you know…the crusades…the inquisition…blah blah blah.”

If our nation wants to have a conversation about those seasons of history and the lessons we learned from them, then fine.
Let’s have one.
Because we did learn from them.
But let’s have them in the correct context,  and here it is right here:

Jesus was a man of peace, the Son of God, crucified.
His teachings encouraged his followers to turn the other cheek.
Men, hundreds of years ago,  twisted his teachings in their natural sinful state to oppress others.
A sad truth we regret and condemn.

Christians today – pretty much all over the planet – do not condone the illogical behavior of those who oppressed others in the past, so much so, in fact, that some have taken that shame on themselves like a cloak, and become weak in their sharing of the gospel.

Now lets look at Islam and Muhammed.
Muhammed was a murderer.
He taught people to kill if they couldn’t convert, and led by example, beheading hundreds, in one historical example, in one day!
He married a little girl.
And had sex with her.
Lest you make an excuse for cultural differences, or attempt to lie to yourself and say he waited a decent amount of time…
He didn’t.

He married Aisha at age six and fully consumated the marriage at age nine.
She hadn’t reached puberty.
Forget morality, just consider basic human biology.
It’s sick. It’s cruel.

I am ALREADY on a high horse and Islam is just getting started.

Back on topic.

The founder of Christianity and the founder of Islam are two very different personalities.

One could argue that Christians erred,  and the president just did.
BUT, we learned and changed and grew as a people.
Muslims in the Middle East have not and did not.
Look at Iraq and Iran, where stoning is the norm.
Turkey, where little girls are buried alive for talking to a boy at school. (Actual account. She was 14 and her grandfather was the murderer. They knew she was alive when buried by the contents in her lungs.)

I could go on,
And will.

Our president mentioned slavery, but curiously left out the teensy-weensy detail that we sort of abolished it, while followers of Islam overseas still encourage it and teach that capturing non-islamic girls for sex slaves is okay.

“Lest we get on our high horse?”

We have every right to get on our high horse and condemn the vile acts taking place.
Two men from Japan, men of peace, were JUST beheaded!
I thought our president watched the news!

Now is the time – if ever there were a time – to get on our high horse.

A horse of assertiveness that takes action and swiftly. I also read this morning that Jordan asked for our help in some technological way and that the request was denied.
I am praying it was a rumor.

I don’t know what President Obama hoped to accomplish with that speech.
It ::sounded:: like he was saying that we didn’t have room to talk because of the mistakes of the past.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

To use errors from the past as an excuse for inactivity today is stupid.
The kind of stupidity that leaves a door open for evil to walk through.

I will not allow the mistakes of people that existed hundreds of years before me prevent me from climbing on top of a high horse, pointing the finger toward the Middle East, and judging the evil acts that are taking place there, as well as the men that are doing them.

Hell, yes, I am on a high horse!

My only sorrow is that the leader of my own country cannot climb on one of his own.
Or worse – Will not.



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