Just thoughts…

There are SO MANY BEAUTIFUL things in this world that God gave us.

Do you understand that?

Even in an imperfect situation, there are perfect things that can nourish our souls, our spirits, our LIVES.
It is up to you and me to search for those things like buried treasure and then once we find them, recognize them for the valuable things that they are and preserve them.

A painting at a garage sale.
A teddy bear from a thrift store.
A good book.
A Great CD.
The hugs and kisses from someone whose presence we enjoy, from family to lover….

We need to surround ourselves with lovely things and nourish our own souls, then turn to our children and loved ones and nourish them too, so that they will grow up healthy.

We bear scars,
We bear open wounds that are still healing.

Embracing beauty that is within our grasp is one of the ways we apply salve to those hurts.

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