Gentle fingers of the dawn
Reach from below with purest light
To nudge away the shadows clinging
To the sky, the stubborn night,

As my eyes, this change perceiving,
glance upon your sleeping face,
the knowledge that you’ll soon be leaving
does not ease my warm embrace

Your lashes form a crescent moon
And paths made by my fingertips
adorn your torso, and your shoulders
Followed by devoted lips.

As you wake to morning vision
of my eyes, a dewy mist
touched with water, sorrow’s droplets
mixed with joy from lovers tryst,

Brilliant white, contented smile
stops the moisture from its flow
“Darling, Do not grieve the dawn.
Embrace the morning, love, You know

That as the night must flee from daylight,
I must also take my leave,
Duty calls me, I will answer,
True to self, must always be.”

Softest kisses on my lashes
Whispered promise in my ear,
“Night will not be gone forever,
Like the dawn, it must draw near

To cover earth with velvet blanket
Cover earth like morning’s dew,
As sure as night will kiss horizon,
I shall come to be with you.”

Consolation like the sunlight
Warm like rays on window pane
Fills my soul, you fill my body
Flooding me with love

Day seeks Night as Night hunts Day
Each one yearns to fill the sky
I am no different, my love, than they
And they no more than I.

Nov 11, 2014

Nov 11, 2014

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