What can I say … What magic combination of words can I use… To compel you to listen to this song? I performed it… Two years or so ago. It resurfaced from the deepest recesses of my heart today. The familiar strains wafting through my consciousness as I attempted to live a productive day despite the new obstacle presented to me early this morning. The song is encouragement. It is consolation. It is a warm embrace. If you ache, it is for you. If you doubt… It is for you. If you weep… It is for you. I am a broken box of alabaster today. Ointment flows from my heart to yours. Healing substance … precious and costly… The human soul, while undergoing transformation, emanates a soft, faintly sweet fragrance. One I hope pleases my Heavenly Father as I strive to become more like Him every day… One I hope you allow to permeate your room, if you listen to this song. If I could sing it to you personally, I would. Leah

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