Faded Beauty Is Still Beautiful


I sat here tonight, next to these flowers, and lamented their fading and wilting.
I reached for my camera and began preserving the beauty before it ALL faded away.

As camera clicked, many thoughts impressed themselves upon me.
I was photographing age with youth.
Faded petals nestled within vibrant white,
each contributing to the other’s loveliness.
Both necessary to achieve full impact on the senses.

As I browsed the photographs,
Special thoughts bloomed in my heart…
They are for my family.
Written in love.

Faded Beauty.
This rose is almost completely lifeless.
Her petals, dry, fragile, delicate…
Yet she retains her beauty.
Her fragrance lingers…

Surrounded by youth,
She is happy.
And curiously, not out of place.

She belongs in this setting;
adding color to the arrangement,
even while her beauty fades.

But it is time…

She radiated color, vibrance, and perfume that sweetened the room,
But her purpose, now, is finished.
She existed;
living the life she was created to live.

How could she have been anything but what she was created to be?
How can any of us?

Marian fulfilled her purpose and has passed the baton to us to fulfill ours.
Let us do so in her honor.

She was generous.
Let us, then, be generous;
Giving where needs must be met.

She loved faithfully,
expending no extra energy.
It radiated from her like fragrance naturally emanates from roses.
Let Us, then, Love.
and without hesitation.

Just as she did.

As we carry the baton with pride,
she will continue to exist through us.

We will be what she taught us to be by her example,
and when our beauty fades,
she will live on even still in our children. They too, will run with that same baton that we will pass on to them.

Beauty shall beget Beauty.
It is God’s will.
It is His plan.
And we cannot help but be what He created us to be.

In Loving Memory of:
Marian Louise Bernier
Rejoice in Christ until we join you.


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