I am Leah.
And you are…

You are a pearl,
A rare and precious gem,
Your soul is treasure forged in dark places, hidden from view, yet…
Once exposed, all may see how lustrous you are, glistening with incomparable beauty.
Embrace this truth.

I hope that words of life will be birthed here,
For men, women, and children who have experienced (more than) their share of sorrow.

Our future.

Jacob’s wife of Old Testament fame raised his twelve sons and his daughter, Dinah, after her sister, Rachel, died.
Everything she poured into those sons rose to greatness, as they became the heads of the twelve tribes of Israel.

It would be an honor to impart wisdom, truth, edification and consolation to those who cross my path, just as Leah raised her children in consistency of affection, guidance, and love.

No matter which category you fit into,
I pray this site blesses you.

Political beliefs:
I lived under a misconception for quite some time.
I lived under the misconception that minorities owe their good fortune here in America to all the work that the government does for them. 
I heard from many voices while growing up: “Vote for the Democrats. They are for the common man.”

And then ::I:: grew up.
And began to pay attention.

Many in politics are not for the common man.
They are for the furtherance of power in a governmental entity that grows more and more each year.

The common man is lost in the shuffle. 

He is taught that if one wants a job, the government should be creating it for them.
If they want health care, the government should be handing it to them. 
If they need anything, they should look to the government.

This is not the ethic that made this country great.

I have a heart for minorities of all lineage.
They are overlooked until someone needs their vote.
They are misled, or deliberately lied to.
I write for them, too.

And I write for me.♡

Peace to you.
God’s peace.


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