And America Bleeds

Good Morning.
I’ve been watching and reading – here on FB and on Twitter – videos and comments of Americans divided into many camps.
Over the weekend I had time to ponder – and this is my conclusion.
The Democratic party is evil.
It is evil.
What ever or who ever is making decisions for that group is evil to their core.
Nowhere on the planet will you find a culture that accepts taking unborn babies out of women and slaughtering them, but the Democratic party fights for the right to do so into the ninth month, New York celebrating the passage of laws that allow it.

There is a list of sins that they embrace – all of them vile – all of them deviant.
I have heard people say to me with their own mouths that they aren’t evil just because they choose to vote democrat – but no one can claim ignorance any more.

We all know what they stand for in the realms of family, wholesome sexuality, and vulnerable life. If we embrace that party we walk away with bloodstains on our hands and clothing, and we leave behind our morals, our integrity, and any semblance of wholesome character.
We leave behind our souls.

You cannot embrace death and walk away without its stench on your clothing.
And the Democratic party has become the party of death.

Death to the nuclear family
Death to wholesome expression of sexuality
And Death to our little babies.

God help you if you dig your heels in and vote for that cesspool of standards.
God help you if you use your vote to put evil men and women in power.
And God help you if your eyes are still so blind that they cannot see what is clearly in plain view, grotesque in its pride, flaunting itself, and gorging itself on the misplaced emotion and loyalty of what I am quickly discovering is a very stupid and crushingly dissapointing sect of the American citizenry.

Vote for the Democratic party and you will be one of the many whose collective efforts inflicted the tiny stab wounds that caused America to bleed to death.

Alma J. Perez

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