For a man who claims to not know the Lord, he possesses so many of his best qualities.

He sees a need, he meets it before I even ask.
He hears me talk about dreams and goals I had for the future, and he proactively seeks out ways to make them reality.
He opens his home as readily as he opens his heart.
He sees me bring food into the kitchen and he later leaves money on the counter so that I don’t suffer financial hardship – even though he knows it makes me happy to contribute good things to his existence.
I look at his front yard and mention how beautiful it would be if we planted this or added that, and the next thing you know, we are planting this and adding that.
I open the refrigerator and find my favorite soda waiting for me.
I come in messy and sweaty from whatever it is we have done outside and find fresh towels waiting for me in the bathroom so that I can bathe.

If I ask him to change his comfy cozy position so that I can feel arms around me for a bit, he shifts and without hesitation wraps me in his embrace.
He knows where my favorite spot is when we sit by the fire. My favorite chair, my favorite table, and the place I always drag it so that I can absorb the warmth. He has memorized it, so that when we talk about a bonfire I will walk out to the deck and find it all there, waiting.
If I need a favor – and it is within his power to facilitate, it is already done.
He noticed that my phone was not charging properly.
He comes home from work and places a new charger in my hands.
He withholds no good thing from me, and if he is not aware of a need or want, all I have to do is ask…
“Honey – will you tickle my back that way that you do…” and he is doing it, melting my heart as my muscles liquify within my frame.

Those are only SOME of the things I am learning about him.

I knew from the beginning that he was an extraordinary man in what some would call an ordinary form.
He is usually clothed in jeans and a t-shirt – but look deeper and you will see so much more.

The Bible talks about a field possessing treasure that men and women walk past every single day – they don’t know what lies underground.
A person discovers it and they sell everything they own to possess it.
They know the hidden value.
They know about the gold mine beneath the surface.

It says that about the Kingdom of God – and it is the truth – the Kingdom of God is hidden and one must seek God with all their heart to find it – it is also worth selling all you own to possess it,
But in the natural there is a similar analogy – and it definitely describes this man with the heart like no other man’s.

And to think that he looks at me and sees something he wants to love.
It overwhelms me.
I am humble and lowly – a little brown plain thing – but he sees something when he looks into my trusting black eyes – something that he likes and wants around.
Who am I to argue?

Just a girl willing to sell all to gain the treasure in the field,
In this life,
And in the one to come.

I have met the Lord – I have tried him and discovered that he is faithful beyond measure in all things.
And now I have met a man who is similar.
It is as I said…
For a man who claims to not know the Lord, he definitely possesses many of his best qualities.

Is it any wonder that he captivates me….?
Yes – that is the word…

I am captivated by Roger Reeves.

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