Craven Fear and Compliance

In our society, we’ve grown accustomed to annihilating diseases that once plagued the world. This created a mindset that sickness should not exist – even though it does – and will continue to exist.
This way of life that we enjoy here –
It’s a privileged existence.
We are quite fortunate.
It has created a mental weakness.
Even a lack of faith in some of us as Christians.
We fear Covid more than we trust in God, and it shows as we hide in our homes from the virus.

We fear Covid more than we love our liberty, and it shows as we obey orders written by a socialist-minded dingbat on steroids who was enthusiastically making speeches in Detroit at a Biden rally on March 9th then shutting down the state on the 16th.
Don’t tell me she was unaware of what was going on.
The president stopped travel to and from China but our airport opted out and said, “Y’all can still come here!”.

Then the cases began to show up as testing began and like dominos, our liberties and our employment opportunities were destroyed.
Lockdown or die!
Lockdown or make someone else die because you are (might be) a carrier!
If someone dies it’s your fault!
If you’re asymptomatic you could be spreading it everywhere so freeze!

This fear of the invisible
The unknown
The hidden things

It’s always been a component in our lives that God told us to resist.
“Fear not” Bible verses are said to be numbered at 365.
Wow – one for each day of the year…

Covid is here now.
It will be here from now on in various degrees just like the flu.

Some caution is warranted.
Craven fear is not.
Craven fear is debilitating, not empowering.
And blind mindless obedience to a woman like the wreck of a tyrannical Governor we’re forced to endure?
Well it’s unamerican.

Our nation was founded and grew on principles of the right to pursue happiness during a time when sicknesses and untimely deaths were a way of life.

Look at the situation.
Independent Americans –
They have been forced to ask permission to drive to their own vacation homes.
They’ve been forbidden to run their small businesses.
Guilted and shamed into wearing masks that the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION advises against.

But the worst…
Americans once earning a living and supporting their families have been forced to depend on their government for food and bill money.
Think about that.

Our founding fathers
The settlers that peopled and built this nation,
They’d weep if one of us went back in time to tell them that we forsook the freedoms they gave their lives to obtain,
Because we were afraid we’d get sick from a virus which still has a recovery rate that has planted itself in the ninetieth percentile.

They’d weep
Or rage
Or both.

They bled to purchase freedom.
Bled and died for it.
And what did we do?
We let a power-hungry woman bully us.
We surrendered freedom to live out of craven fear on the chance – not guarantee – but the chance that we might get sick.

I don’t know about you
But that is not going to be me.

I will not comply nor will I surrender the rights my forefathers gave their lives to obtain for you, or me, or our children.


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