The Sanctity of Life

Asking forgiveness for the obsession with Pro-life material on my wall – but not because I regret defending babies.

I used to be a public speaker for a pro-life organization, and I would speak to teens in school or church environments.

This stopped as my family grew.

It looks like MANY of us – Americans who see abortion for what it is – have allowed other things to take precedence over the defense and protection of the unborn child, and now, because we weren’t diligent to pay attention, extremists have been placed in positions of power and have used that power to increase the “at risk” conditions under which these unborn children live.


Terrorists disguised in lab coats whose mission in life is to end it.

It is tragic,

That we let it happen right under our noses.

It’s become a runaway train.

A bloody one.

I don’t have much else to say except that we can stop it if we choose the right men and women to run our cities and states.

I hope we band together and do just that.

With the president’s approval rating above 50% and his SotU speech reaching 75% in approval,

I believe that Americans have not lost their hearts.

Now we need to put actions behind our sentiments and vote for Life.

The nation that honors the sanctity of life is not far from attracting the favor of its Creator.


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