Just a thought I had today.

“This man has given me more smiles and more joyful moments in one month – than the two men I dated in the last two years.”

Maybe it’s because we don’t actually see one another.

I mean – if ever there was a gypsy, it’s me.

Colorful and disorganized.

But great with a Tamborine. 😆

And I don’t need to actually meet him to know that he has a place for everything and that he lives by a regimen that wavers infrequently.

Opposites for sure.

But I’ve lived long enough to recognize strengths that I lack and when I find someone who has them mastered I know better than to disregard the gift.

I’d rather glean and learn from such a human being.

As I’d hope being around me taught them how to relax a little…

Embrace a bit of chaos…

Embrace Life!

We will see…

– hannah

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