Of Men and Friendship

In regards to love:
The friendship that Plato wrote about.
Platonic affection.
It is real – It is rich and deep and true
and as loyal as it is non-sexual.
It has developed over years of mentoring and unconditional acceptance as these men, these lovely men who have marked the trail that they traveled before me,
have watched me stumble and fall.
I love them and the love is pure.
I hope to live next door to them in heaven.
But I love many more women –
MANY more women.
The platonic affection between a man and woman is real,
Yet it is also rare.
If you have it, take care to preserve it.
Finding pure friendship in this sin sick world…
It can only be likened to finding gemstones in the mud.
Salvage them, and put them in your crown.
They are gifts from God
To bless you on your journey.
-Just Thoughts

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