Nothing New – Minor Immigrants in America

Nogales, Arizona. June 2014
47 thousand children in custody with an estimated 90K by the end of the year. Reporters not allowed, but after much pressure from politicians, they allow the press in for One Day.
“The facility is clean and air-conditioned. But in essence, it is a juvenile prison camp.”
– Michael Kiefer, Sr Reporter, Arizona Republic

When we have more than four hundred thousand American children in foster care, and not enough homes in which to place them, what are we supposed to do???

We were SCRAMBLING to find adequate shelters then, and we’re struggling still.

Here we are in 2018 – four years later – and reporters are just now firing demanding questions at Sarah Sanders, as if she put those children in the facility three years ago – as well as today.
As if the president manufactured the caged areas himself.

And Americans consume the media spin as usual, their brains numbed by the next episode of “Dancing with the Stars” while our own children as well as children from other countries are homeless within our borders.

This problem isn’t new, but an election is coming up.

Pay attention, people!

And if any of you want to open your homes…

Write your congressmen.

– Leah

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