Netflix and the Obamas – Why the rumors of cancelled subscriptions?

It seems that some people are getting spicy about the former President and First Lady working with Netflix.
There are rumors of people cancelling their subscriptions, but no movement has begun as of yet..

If you find yourself asking why some would be so upset, it is for this reason,
The far reaching effects of the well-known couple’s producing television viewing content will shape and form the perceptions of, not only the American people, but people outside of this nation as well.

In the NY Times piece announcing the development, it says that the deal will give former President Obama “…an international television platform during his post-presidency, allowing him to reach millions of people in the United States and internationally.”.

That is disturbing to people who remain unhappy with his political views.
Mr. Ted Sarandos – who is happily married to Nicole A. Avant, the beautiful former Ambassador to Barbados, is the Chief Content Officer for Netflix.
He is a progressive thinker who raised almost a quarter of a million dollars for the Obamas during the 2012 campaign. He believes in the president and his vision – BUT he would never have signed the famous couple on to produce content for Netflix if he didn’t see dollar signs behind the decision.
Sarandos tries to estimate what type of programming people will want to watch because in his estimation, it is subscriptions that make their money.
The more people that subscribe, the more successful Netflix will be.

But now people are talking about UNsubscribing.
A few reasons, I am sure.
One is probably to put the hurt on Netflix; unfortunately, from a business standpoint, it isn’t going to amount to much more than a mosquito bite of influence.
We are talking INTERNATIONAL – influence, not just National.
There is no way an American conservative boycott of Netflix would hurt the company.

The incredibly sad news for conservatives, and for people of faith who have strong moral beliefs, is that while he was president, he (Obama) lit the White House up like a rainbow in honor of LGBT rights.  He also pushed hard to open school bathrooms and locker rooms  to people of the opposite sex – by threatening to remove federal funding from public schools in a letter sent from the Departments of Education and Justice.
Many citizens did – and still do – call this an attack on our developing youth and their rights to privacy.

The fact that the former president and his wife will now be producing television shows that will reach far and wide is a concern for parents who know that television has a lot to do with how children will mature.
As children grow and develop, they can be easily influenced by what they see and hear, especially on television.” – Stanford Children’s Health

It is likely that men and women of faith can expect to see a lot more television programming that is going to reflect the LGBT issues the former president held dear. and that is a problem when gender dysphoria is at an all time high, not only in this nation, but in others.

On the moral front, it looks like we’ve received a big blow.
That SHOULD matter to Americans.
If it doesn’t – is telling of our spiritual state as a nation.


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