Take a Break

Well – I went out on a date.
– “Alma, what the heck? Are you aware that you are in a neck brace?”
umm… yes. But he asked me.
More than once.
I offered my polite excuses,
He said, “So what?”.
He asked me to dinner and said I could eat with him just as easily as eating at home.
So – I went.
And it was ridiculous,
and wonderful,
and nonsensical,
and exciting,
and maybe a little stupid…
Probably impractical,
but still…
So Much Fun.
I can’t pretend he didn’t see it, you know – this thing that wraps around my waist and extends up to my neck.
I can’t pretend that he didn’t hug me rather gingerly…
I can’t pretend that we didn’t laugh our heads off as I attempted to sit in the car and buckle up.
Oh, it was HILARIOUS.
And he was gracious, and sweet, and made fun of me only once… “Come on, Cripple…”
We went for a walk by the river after the dinner and after the movie that I said he would love (but that he hated).
And as we walked away from the river – with my arm tucked into his, more for my balance than anything else – he asked me why I took him there.
I stopped walking and told him that I took him there to give him a present
to see the houses in the dark
with their golden light shimmering in the windows.
“I brought you here to listen to the sound of the water as it flows beneath this bridge…
I am giving you something that I cannot buy with money – I am giving you a memory – something that you won’t forget.”
And then he took me home.
A lovely evening,
A gentle man,
A lot of laughter.
It probably won’t go any further,
Lord knows I have enough on my plate,
Attempting to heal,
to prepare for so many blessings that the month of May will bring
in the form of a visit from mother, sisters, brother,
and the addition of a new daughter to welcome into my heart…
But it was a nice commercial break from this difficult season.
I want to encourage you today –
Do the silly thing that doesn’t make sense.
Say yes to the ideas that others won’t understand.
Do something good for you, when the opportunity presents itself.
Life is hard.
You may need a commercial.
So take the break.
in love,

– leah

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