Do you…

When you lie down at night

Do you think of me?

Does my name

Cross your mind

Warm your heart

Touch your lips

In prayer?

Do you wonder if I, too,

see the moon?

Or the stars

Suspended in azure

Since the ones

In your eyes

Are hidden from my view?

I wake to see the morning

Light spreading out her arms

Rising up from the horizon

On tiptoe

To Silently


The arrival of the sun

And I know that where you are

It is shining.

Did you see a dusty pink

A muted mauve

Wisps of purple

Swathed in gold

As the day

Was being born

And pray for me

The way I pray for you?

For satisfaction

For fulfillment

For your peace?

In the quiet of the evening

In the whisper of the morning

When the only voice you hear

Is that of conscience

And of God

Do you

I wonder





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