Maybe, Just Maybe

I marvel as he continues to draw me even still, and it causes the flickers of hope to ignite within me that maybe,


A Waterfall of Grace

The past two days contained rough waters Demanding navigation From a girl without a paddle  From a woman with no oars. An authority upset with me - half for the wrong reason, and half with good reason, (a weak area in performance).   There were demands, "Amend this.". One can fix the second, but not …

All you need do is Ask.

Chains. Shackles. Bound around one's ankles so close to the skin that one fears they will go to the grave with them attached. No one knows how to safely remove them without injuring themselves. If they did - they wouldn't be wearing them. Habits. Compulsions. Addictions wound around the heart like seaweed wrapped around the …