Sacrifice for a Pearl

Maybe you falter in your heart when you think of the sacrifices necessary to serve the Lord, doubting your own abilities, feeling a pulling to fall back.

Consider that to serve the Lord is to KNOW him, To gain a companion who will walk with you all the days of your life – through thick and thin,  who will never leave you alone.

You may live by yourself.

If you have God, you do not live by yourself.

Maybe you feel like an outsider among your co-workers, but with God, you have a companion that sticks closer than a brother.

Even in a prison cell you are not alone – 

not if you’ve bowed your knee to Christ and invited him into your heart.



You have seen (and may have even behaved like) a person who would give ANYTHING to gain a romantic relationship with the person upon whom they have set their affections.

Sacrifice under those circumstances seems like NOTHING.

Money, time, whatever resources you cherish can be given away as easily as desperate men fling baggage and supplies out of a plane to gain mileage and speed in order to make their destination,

Because in that situation – Sacrifice means LIFE.
Things become refuse if surrendering them will secure your life – or the promise that the object of your desire will step into your arms.

You will come to a place where you will desire intimacy with your Heavenly Father so much that all things will fade to pastel in light of his vibrance.

He said, “And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.”

Do not look to your own frailty.

Look to your hunger.  

Don’t let fear of sacrifice keep you from searching for the Pearl of Great Price.

For if you seek him,

He will be found of you.

– leah

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