The Price

Ever since we were talking about our Heavenly Father and an intimate connection with him in women’s Bible study – I have been thinking about the many reasons why people do not truly connect with him, as well as talking to him about it.
Yes, there are people that are afraid – and yes there are people who look to man because it is easier than searching in the spirit realm – but I think that another reason is because people simply do not want to pay the price necessary to gain access to that secret place.

Intimacy with our Heavenly Father comes with a price.

If a valuable earthly relationship costs something in the way of self-sacrifice – then why would we think anything else in regards to a relationship with the Lord?
It may be because salvation is free.

And it is – 

but an intimate walk with our Heavenly Father comes with a price;  A price worth paying.
We talk about Jesus a lot – and we should – but sometimes we forget that before he came, there was one whose heart’s desire was to bridge the gap, so he sent him to us.

Behind the Prince opening the gate to grant us entry,   There stands a king who gave him the key. ❤️


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