There was…a man.

There was a man in my life
With whom I fell in love.

He was the moon, and mist and stars to me,
All luminous, and sparkling, glowing and bright.
Alas, I was not sky to him.
I was heaviness, weight, and
Salty water,
Ocean tears,
An anchor.
Healing, mending, recovering.
Not ready.

The picture of health,
He was vitality,
And I was “girl in wheelchair”.
Oh, sure,
I would walk again,
In the future,
But his energy would spur him forward
To places I’d not go.
Not because I did not like those places,
I did!
I wanted to go!
Wheelchairs don’t fit everywhere,
And I was wheelchair bound.

He ran in place for a long time.
He jogged around me,
And ran short distances,
Turning ’round, and coming back.
He wanted things to work.
But he needed more
Than I could give.

I was not a suitable companion
With my weakened legs
And point of view
And broken heart,
Ruined by the one that was before,
Ruined by my self,
because I allowed it.

I loved night sky,
And he loved me too.
But he was called to something big,
A race he hoped to run,
But I,
Despite my earnest desire
to be the partner
In the three-legged race of life,
Could not yet run.

So I said, “You go ahead. I’ll support you from here.”
And he took off
To do the thing he’d trained for
All his life.

To be what God created him
To Be.

There was a man in my life
With whom I fell in love.
And he is running
His race
So well,
That I beam with pride to see it,
Even though it costs me
And the dream
Of being his.

He is running his race,
And I
I wait for the course
To bring him my way

And while I wait,
I try to walk

~ ~ ~

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