And today
I think of you
Fighting the battle,

The battle of good against evil
Far away
Far away across the sea
And you’re at risk.

You’re at risk,
So far from here
So far from me

And you could die.
You know it
And I know it
And those that sent you
Know it, too.

And still you left
To keep us safe
Over here.

Safe in our beds
Safe in our malls
Safe on the road
Safe as we worship

And the maddening thing is this,
That is why I love you.

Because you live to keep us safe.
You’ve always been that way.
No one in your care has ever not been safe.

And so I love you,
And that thing in you that captivates me,
That dire need to protect a people,
Has sent you further from me than I had ever imagined.

Even though You warned me that you’d go.
If they asked.

And they did.

You should be here.
At my table.
In my home.
In my arms.

Instead you’re there.
Standing at the gate
Preventing them from coming in.
Keeping us safe.

So I go to bed,
Knowing I can sleep at night,
But I can’t enjoy the gift.
Because my safety
Is costing you
Your own.

– ♡

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