Trump vs Kelly

I stand by Fox’s M. Kelly, and I liked her questions.
The left is going to hammer those same points in campaign ads, and sound bytes of Trump saying a woman would look beautiful on her knees will play so often – we will hear them in our sleep.

Especially if he ends up running against a woman.

If Trump can’t handle any heat here on his home turf during a debate,
He sure won’t be able to handle it on the world’s stage.

He was pouty, cranky, and arrogant.
He avoided answering questions and deflected more than the House of Mirrors at a carnival!

His apparent willingness to raise his hand regarding running on a 3rd party ticket shows anyone – who cares to see – where his heart lies.
It lies in winning winning winning,
Even if it costs the conservative movement the election.

I respect his intelligence,
But it ends there.

He is not a true conservative.
He is not able to see the big picture and step down like a gentleman, (if he isn’t selected) offering his vote and support to whomever the GOP nominates.

That alone should give a person something to think about when they are deciding how to cast their vote.

Any person arrogant enough to think that they would win an election on a 3rd party ticket is too blasted prideful to run this country properly.

They will think of themselves first.

They will NOT occupy the WH with the knowledge, attitude, or heart of a privileged servant of the American people, and no man or woman can properly lead a nation unless their heart is humble.

Trump is stubborn.
A wedge of division.

And when it comes to this nation’s chances of gaining truly conservative leadership, he is dangerous.
Because he will prevent success instead of provide it.

– Leah

18 Replies to “Trump vs Kelly”

  1. A professional journalist would have provided context (Trump’s words, offensive or not, were in response to an unprovoked attack by Rosie O’Donnell on him and his family) and would have been delivered without the attitude evident in her facial expressions and tone.

    None of which is to say that Trump is my candidate (he’s not) or that he handled the questions well (he didn’t), but the fact of the matter is that Kelly lacked professionalism and objectivity from the very first question she delivered to Trump. (I saw none of that attitude from her with questions posed to other candidates.)

    Tough (but contextual) questions are not only fine but needed. Blatant lack of objectivity in delivery and tone is not.

    1. With respect, Trump’s tweets, many of them, are often careless.
      The liberal party will unearth them and use them so often we will not be able to escape their echo.

      I felt her question was reasonable, giving the track record of the Democratic party’s continued mantra that Republicans are engaged in a war against women.

      Thank you for your tempered respectful response here.

      Here is the exhange from the transcripts:
      If we look at the context of the questions posed to Trump,
      We will see that he was not attacked but challenged,
      And he was unable to be objective.

      “Your Twitter account has several disparaging comments about women’s looks. You once told a contestant on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ it would be a pretty picture to see her on her knees.”
      Then, Two Questions:
      1. “Does that sound to you like the temperament of a man we should elect as president?”
      2. “And how will you answer the charge when Hillary Clinton, who is likely to be the Democratic nominee, that you are part of the war on women.”

      Reasonable questions,
      But look at his response:

      “The big problem this country has is being politically correct,”
      (Not an answer)
      “Frankly what I say, and oftentimes it’s fun, it’s kidding, we have a good time, what I say is what I say, and honestly, Megyn,”

      (Here is where it becomes evident that he feels personally attacked)

      “… if you don’t like it, I’m sorry, I’ve been very nice to you although I could probably not be based on the way you have treated me.”

      He did not answer the questions well because his pride was pinched, and he needs to be able to get over that and provide good answers to his fellow citizens.

      1. First, let me say that I agree that Trump’s past statements are fair game and that I don’t think he answered them well. Nor do I support Trump although I’m glad he’s annoying the establishment.

        The issues I have were less about substance and more about delivery which doesn’t come across when you transcribe the questions.

        Specifically, the initial question about his comments mostly about Rosie O’Donnell among others and the one about how long he had been a Republican. The first one was delivered with an attitude of disgust and offense. The second one was delivered snarkily.

        I think the first question, while fair game generally, is not an issue relevant to the future of the country. I don’t care about tabloid arguments Trump had with anyone.

        The second could have been a great question but instead of keeping the focus on the question, she threw in a snarky flair.

        So, yes, the questions were fair game but no they were not delivered objectively as I expect from debate moderators (naive, I know).

        Trump should have been asked most of the questions and he handled them poorly.
        Megyn Kelly displayed lack of objectivity in the delivery of the questions.

        Those aren’t mutually exclusive. The substance of the questions were fair AND Kelly was unprofessional

        I get the impression that those that support Trump think she was blatantly unfair throughout in question selection and tone. And those who dislike Trump want to gloss over Kelly’s attitude. I disagree with both assessments.

        I’m guessing we’ll agree to disagree but thanks for the discussion.

        1. We are not in disagreement on much at all.
          You raise valide points, especially in your closing statements.

          Suporters and non-supporters are struggling with being objective.

          Your comments are well thought out, and well written.

          It is my hope to see more in the future.
          They stimulate thought and expose flawed human behavior.

          I wonder …
          Was it wise for the panel to have a woman pose those specific questions…

    1. When your devotion to a potential candidate, no matter how ill-suited they may be, (cough…Trump) causes you to personally attack the intelligence and maturity of a fellow citizen who does not adore them like you do,
      When that citizen is probably as devoted as you are to this nation and its survival, if not more,
      Then you’ve entered dangerous territory.

      Should things take a negative turn in this country,
      It won’t be Trump that has your back,
      But your fellow man and your peers.

      Defend your choice, by all means, but don’t mistreat your fellow soldiers on the battlefield.

  2. All the questions toward the candidates were focused on clarifying their positions on one thing or another. There weren’t or that many general questions. I support Megyn Kelly, they were good questions – definitely told us all that Trump isn’t qualified (if we didn’t know that before).

    1. You are obviously a liberal democrat. Just because Trump speaks his mind…and tells the truth, you think he isn’t qualified. I’ll bet you voted for Obama. Thousands more dumb-dums voted for him twice. Boy, he has been a super president. (Sarcasm intended)

      1. I agree. She’s a liberal democrat.

        Another liberal!
        You call that a debate? That was an attack! A set up against the candidates themselves to fight amongst themselves. Also against Trump!

        Besides that I’m really tired of these career/establishment politicians. I’m also fed up with the news media, as well. So Almita Palomita, let’s shed some light on your darkened not so genius mind!

        In 2012, the people gave the Republican National Committee (Mitch McConnell, Boehner) these people Trump & Ted Cruz referenced during the debate as incompetent) a chance to lead, an opportunity to undo what our president has done. Politicians promised many great things if elected. I remember two specific promises. Repealing and replacing Obamacare and ending Obama’s illegal unconstitutional executive amnesty (among many things, but those items were at the top of the list)!

        As I sit here, three very disappointing years have passed and all promises have remained unfulfilled. As for my thoughts about Fox News, can somebody say BIASED? From the very beginning, the attacks started on Donald Trump. Most of these news outlets CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC are all biased in their own way. I have always thought FOX to be very fair & balanced.

        Here’s why I’m defending Trump against Kelly… because he has been one of the few to stand up to incompetent lying politicians and I should also mention the media.

        The questions that were clearly biased and directed towards Trump and even some of the other candidates were irrelevant, and had nothing to do with a campaign or getting to know your candidate and extremely BIASED!
        Right now, what matters is who is going to put our Nations best interests ahead of the big donors and corrupt lobbyists. Trump was never asked questions on his plans to make America great again. Many of the candidates were cut short of their response while other were given extra time.

        In regards to third party. When Trump says he won’t rule out a third party candidacy, it’s not because he is a Democrat running as a Republican or because he is out to destroy the Republicans in the 2016 elections. It’s because he won’t support a candidate that he doesn’t believe will fight for the values of freedom and prosperity and make this country great again. The Kelly tops off the night by inviting in Wasserman-Schultz to ask her on her thoughts on the evenings debate and that wonderful wage on war the left has created. Really? Then neither had numbers to discuss about regarding gender wage difference. Just as I invited Kelly, you’re welcome to visit my Facebook page, this conservative does her homework! Because in my world, facts are important!
        God Bless America! #facts #politics 🇺🇸

        1. Leidyt,
          While your words contain a fragment of truth, it is only a fragment.

          Your comment regarding Trump’s not supporting a candidate he doesn’t believe in is based on an assumption.

          Everyone in the running knows that a third party ticket with a big name will divide good conservatives. That is why they are devoted to supporting the nominee even if it is not themselves.

          Trump is the only one who didn’t promise he would stick with his party.

          As for my mind being darkened and unintelligent,
          It would behoove you in the future to choose your words more carefully.

          No one is going to read a page written by an uncouth dismissive writer who is rude, no matter how well researched they say they are.

          If you truly want to communicate to fellow citizens, insulting your reader will only sabotage your efforts.


      2. Just because she is not for Trump, DOES NOT mean she is a liberal democrat. I am for Cruz. Call me what you will cause i don’t care what you silly strangers think of me.

        1. Cruz shows promise but he accepted more than 3 million dollars to vote a certain way.
          Bill S 995 May 2015.
          Amount received for a yes vote: $3,629,998.00

          Also, his wife is VP of Goldman Sachs and that company rcvd a huge bailout from the govt.

          I need more time to see what he is really about.

          And no.
          I’m not a liberal.
          Thank you for your discernment and support.

  3. When ya start a debate with an ambush aimed at you, ya tend to get your dander up… MK want’s to be treated equally but then hides behind her skirt… And the “one your knees comment”? Read the contextual content… Even the lady it was aimed at came to the defense of Trump… Hit piece here.

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