True Love’s Kiss

…and I realized…
That is why the kiss plays the starring role in so many fairy tales!
Snow White on display in a glass coffin,
One kiss by her true love and she comes back to life.
Sleeping Beauty under a spell, true love’s kiss and she sleeps no more.

The kiss,
The kiss,
It’s in his kiss.

I’ve kissed men before.
There were good kisses, boring kisses, skilled where-did-you-learn-that kisses,
But never in my life have I experienced THE kiss.

That is, I never had, until…

And I crave it now.
Your mouth on mine.
I must have it.
I want it in my every days.
How can you live without mine, I wonder?
How is it that you are not famished?

I am famished.

When you kiss me, I come to life.
Something that I didn’t know existed inside of me
Comes To Life.

It isn’t the technique.
It isn’t the power or passion behind the act.
It hasn’t anything at all to do with skill or even length of time.

It has everything to do with connection.
The Love.
The Heart.
The Soul-Baring Intimacy.

That is the secret,
The spell-breaker.
The Magic.

…and I realized…
That is why the kiss plays the starring role…

True Love’s Kiss Gives Life.


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