Every Sentence Is A Kiss

When I write to you
These letters,
I am loving you.

Every word is a kiss.
Each line, a caress,
Every paragraph,
a step closer.

If we were together,
Hand would reach for hand,
Then face,
Then arms

Cheek would touch cheek
Hands lower,
Step closer,
Mouth would touch mouth,
Step closer,
Closer still…

But we are not together.
So I write when I would love,
And I love you as I write,

Giving all
In the heart of the missive,
Words of affirmation,
Quiet whispers,
gentle touch.

You hold in your hands,
Delicate script
Betraying secrets,
Willingly, to you.


Soul is naked,
In the best of ways,
And you uncover
With every page
The heart within me
And my ways,

Layers of dreams
For tomorrow-days.



Every word – a kiss.
Each line – a caress
Every letter
For you.

~ leah

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