I Want What God Intended

When your children reach higher heights,
achieving greatness,
I want to be there.

When your babies choose their mates.
​And make ​babies of their own,
​When​ you hold the wee things in your arms,
Tiny extensions of yourself,
I want to be there.​
To see ​​the​ smile on your face.
The wonder in your eyes.
The tears I know will gather at their corners.​

​By your side.
​That’s what I want.

A man like you who had rough beginnings
A man like you who has weathered storms.​
A man like you who may need joy,
who may need laughter,
Lovemaking, food, and music
in his home…

I want to be the one who sustains you.
Who ​Satisfies,
Bless​es​ and Supports,​
Walks wit​h,
Listens to,
Laughs and Cries with.​


Ray of sunshine.
Beam of light,
Flickering flame
In darkest night.

And Darling,
I want to be loved.
Drenched in your affection.

To know your secret heart and you know mine.​

I want what God intended.

Two souls united.
Misty shapes ​merging together
​Creating a third thing.
​A brand new thing.
An Us.

​Place your hands against my own,
palm to palm.
Lace our fingers together,
Intertwine them.
Step closer, so that your thighs are touching mine.
Our bellies too.
Put your mouth upon my mouth and kiss…
make me yours.​

Touch me in this way​.​
​O​pen yourself
And trust.
I will do the same.

I want the love of creatures
The ones which mate for life.​
Of the wild things that ​know,
The magic happens only once.

We​’ve​ suffered in the past.
Let us pour​ good things
​​Into tomorrow.

There is no reason to deny this wonder,​ life.​

​Let it breathe
Let it live
Live in us.​
I want what God intended.​

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