Don’t Dilute the Water

From a loving friend.
She sent it to me today because she knows I think my personality is intense and that I try to turn the volume down on a regular basis.

….Intense compared to whom?….

That’s where we run into trouble, you know.
When we compare ourselves to others.

I will always be as loud as Phyllis Diller,
(Okay, maybe not quite that loud…)
Yet I will never be as funny as Lucille Ball,
Two amazing clowns of yesteryear who made their mark on the world.

But I am comparing myself again…
I am what I was made to be.
And so are you.
It is as simple as that.

I am sure some people told Phyllis she was obnoxious.
I am sure some people told Lucille she was drama.

Don’t try to make your soul monotone so you won’t irritate people.
People have feet. They can walk away.

Those who need joy will go to those who radiate joy.
Those who need quiet will gravitate toward people who exude a calm aura.
What I’m saying, like my friend who sent me this picture, is this:

Someone needs the ingredients in you.
Don’t dilute what you’re made of.


You are doing yourself a disservice by telling God he can’t “cook”. 😉
And you are depriving those who thirst, of the water which comes from your well, and your well only.

~ Leah

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