When You Should Be Giving…

…and it occurred to me today, as I pondered life and its many blessings, that there are individuals who are more engaged in the act of self-protection than they are in the act of pouring out on others.

Being wise with your heart is not wrong.
You only have one.
It is your responsibility to care for it;
You may not place imagined or possible risks in the “guaranteed” category.
There are no guarantees.
Success is not guaranteed.
But neither is defeat.

Think positive thoughts, dear heart.

Risk is on the map for the person searching for a long lasting, “only death will take me from you”  relationship.
There is no avoiding it.
It is scary, but arriving at your destination will be sweeter for the price you paid.

As you live your daily days, keep in mind this truth,

You will never be in a fulfilling relationship
If you spend most of your time
Protecting your own heart
When you should be giving it.


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