Preserve Your Heart


It happened, once.

I let that happen.

A person can be so afraid to lose another, or to lose a lifestyle, that they put themselves – their legitimate needs – to death in order to hang on to the other.
When they do that, they cease to live.
They think they’re alive,
But they merely exist.

It takes a miracle to save them.

It almost happened a second time,
but I chose me that time.
I knew that I could lose everything I’d ever dreamed of.
I chose my own mental and emotional integrity anyway.
And do you know what I discovered?

I discovered a new strength,
a new ability to breathe more deeply,
and I was able to experience life without the continual fear of loss hanging over my head,  like the sword of Damocles.


Once the initial high of freedom had waned I discovered that this new heart, this strong heart – free from fear’s shackles – was beating so powerfully, that when the object of my affection was ready,
He would receive strong love from a confident heart – not anemic affection from a timid one.
And that made me happy.

No slave is happy.
Especially the slave bound by invisible chains of fear.

You are priceless.
Love someone, yes, but not to the extent that you dissolve.

Preserve yourself so that the one you love may be loved all the more,
and you both will live.


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