– The Great Oz Has Spoken –

Keystone Pipeline:
It would only provide 30 permanent jobs for people (in the long run).

With oil being shipped down to our oil refineries in the Gulf of Mexico, there will be a need to hire more men to handle the demand.
How are those jobs not being considered or even predicted?
Also This:
Is the oil traveling only through the pipeline?
Are there rigs? 18-wheelers? Trains involved? What about the boats and ships on the Gulf?
Do they not need people to handle the anticipated demand for laborers?

Another thing,
Gas stations will be re-opening. People will be hired for a number of reasons.
People will need to handle mechanical issues that cars deal with, now that there’s a Mom and Pop place down the street that is running again – you know – one much more close to home than the Shell station many miles away that we had come to rely on once expenses got so crazy high that Mom and Pop places had to close.

Lastly – I don’t think anyone complained about the Panama Canal being built/dug/created – with the whole “but those jobs are temporary” argument.
Do you know why?
The greater good being accomplished.
That is why.

Do you want me to believe that the president thinks loving thoughts toward the citizens of this nation?
Then he is going to have to whip that pen and phone out and start doing the opposite of what he has been doing lately.

Two years of work for thousands of our citizens – approximately nine-thousand.
Two years of work that would lower our gas prices –
Two years of work that would lessen our dependence on foreign oil.

It is a fantastic idea – and the impediment that prevents it – does not display fidelity or compassion to his own citizens in great need.

Just a few thoughts from a woman who is probably too dumb to understand the “nuance” of political reasoning.
Or maybe not dumb enough to simply believe what she hears.
After all… “The Great Oz Has Spoken.”


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