Like Joseph Loved His Brothers

Do you know how I love you?
I love you like Joseph loved his brothers.

I know that that is a weird example because his brothers betrayed him and they sold him into slavery which led to his spending years in prison.

But it also led to his becoming a type and shadow of the savior of the world.
The calamity of his youth was turned to blessing in his maturity.

It was Benjamin that he longed for the most.
When Joseph’s brothers came to Egypt looking for food, he manipulated the situation so that they would bring Benjamin to him.
When they did, He hid himself.
And then sneaked over to take a peek.
He set eyes on him and his stomach flipped over inside of him for the yearning that he felt to be reunited.
That is how I feel when I see your face.

Something in my belly comes to life.
It feels like the quickening of life from an unborn child who has found its kick.
A surge, a wave, a shifting.

It is how I feel when I see your picture,
and it is how I feel when you are standing in front of me.

I become a woman whom I do not recognize, for your proximity.

Who is this woman who stands and stares?
Who cannot find her tongue?
Who cannot find the words when words are typically her only reliable resource?

She stops trying and pulls you close.
She will show you what her heart is trying to say.
She will yield to you what she hides from all the others.

Unkind actions can separate people.
Time can separate people.
Bad decisions can separate people.

But love will not separate people.

I ask God,
Who is good,
To give us what he gave the brothers.
The closest thing to happiness in this world.

You are not perfect.
Niether am I.
But two imperfect souls can find the closest thing to perfection, together,
If they have love.

Now you know how I love you.
Like Joseph loved his brothers.
I love you,
In my belly.

“And Joseph made haste;
for his bowels did yearn upon his brother:
and he sought where to weep;
and he entered into his chamber,
and wept there.”

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