People hear the word soulmate, and they instantly think of that lover whom every one longs to find and marry one day.
I do not,
Not at first.
Though I used to.

I have learned some things since then.

I have soulmates.
One, a woman friend, single, has kids like I do, works long hours, the whole kit and caboodle – she understands me like few others because she is a mirror, reflecting the image I present before her.

We don’t think exactly alike or look exactly alike, but our souls are like pond and sky.
Sky makes water look blue, and pond reflects sky as she looks down upon her, fussing about how puffy her clouds look today.

Another soulmate.
Not a mirror, but a woman of insight.
She is able to read me – not like a book – for books are lofty things full of genius’ words arranged in such a fashion as to communicate ideas clearly to the reader.

No, this second soulmate reads me and my words like a jigsaw puzzle spilled onto the surface of a table,
And floor too, probably.

Ideas and thoughts spill out,
Pieces scattered everywhere,
and she sits down and says,
“Well here are the four corners right here. Let’s just make a frame and fill it in, Alma.”.

She sees the thoughts I struggle to put into words like those bits and pieces of colorful pressed cardboard, and she does not judge me, even when I KNOW my decisions disappoint her.

She behaves with me as if to say,
“I saw the picture on the cover of the box. I know what beauty you are capable of.
Be patient with yourself.”.

I love these women.

Romance movies and romance books promise us the possibility of finding and marrying our soul mates.

It is such a lofty lovely thing to dream about.
I dream too.
(I care for someone…)
And Love is a beautiful gift.
Loving your mate and being loved back so very thoroughly is God’s gift to you, did you know that?

But what I’d like to share today,
If I could be so bold as to kiss your cheek in wholesome affection with my words,
Is this:

Do not allow yourself to overlook that soulmate who stands right next to you, while your eyes are busily searching the crowd for the lover you long for.

If you do, you will miss one of the most fulfilling relationships one can experience on this earth,

There was a Woodstock for Snoopy.
A Piglet for Pooh Bear.
A Hobbes for Calvin.
A Jonathan for David.

And there is a soulmate for you.

You will recognize them when you find them.
You will see your reflection in their eyes.


8 Replies to “Soulmate”

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          1. So true! Perhaps there is a spiritual connection between suffering and beauty/creativity. Works of art, music, poetry to name but a few, when you hear about the lives of the creators, you are astonished by the trauma and adversity that they went through. Do you have any divine thoughts about this Leah? Is there any biblical reference that you can allude to? I know you are good at making these links! πŸ™‚

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