The foundation beneath layers of soil.
Made of common things.
Certainly not coveted gemstones.

But so very necessary.

So necessary that the common becomes uncommon as it fulfills its role.
Its role to support life above itself.
Life that everyone sees and adores.

Swaying tree branches enjoy playful caresses of the wind,
Their leaves send flirty images of golden sunlight to our eyes
even as they make sure we catch a flash of their own sassy green.

Flowers sway at the whispers of the slightest breeze,
Trembling petals catch their breath as raindrops lavish affection upon them.

“Drink me”, they whisper.
“Yes”, respond the petals,
And they are filled.

Praised for color,
For fragrance.
For vibrance.

These things exist because of bedrock
Humbly supporting from below.
The work of obscurity.

Your love.
Inside of me.
Is Bedrock.

My ambling gait possesses lightness of step.
Effervescence tumbles out, from within.
A fountain bubbles gaily.
This heart has tasted love.

Eyes flashing with delight.
Smile radiating joy.
Sunshine enveloping my frame.

I shine!

These things exist because of humble noble stone,
Quietly supporting from below,
The work of obscurity.

Let the world rotate in turmoil.
I am steady.
There is firmness.
There is foundation.

There is you.


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