Watch, Listen, and Prepare.

I have a friend.
She is seeing a wonderful person who paid attention to her when she spoke of her children.
He purchased little gifts for them – each suited to the particular recipient.
When she told me of this occurrence I thought, “What a thoughtful gesture. In one instance it shows that he listened – and in another it showed that he wanted to put tangible effort toward building a bridge to get to know them.”
I have been contemplating different themes lately.
Gift Giving.
Drawing/Sketching to express one’s appreciation for the creation of God
Improving the soul by the (slow and painstaking) efforts of daily discipline and care.

Each topic rises to the surface like corks on a fishing line in the river –
Each in their time and each according to the strength of current and undertow.

cork on the water
cork on the water

God speaks to us through our own lives and through the lives of others.
What is he saying to you?
Today – Lately – He has been saying to me –

Gifts matter.
Watch the world around you in appreciation.
Listen to those whom you love. It matters to them to be heard.
Prepare.  You have something to do – and you need to be ready.

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