Love Was In The Painter

I told her that I wanted to paint him.

"Woman With a Parasol" By: Claude Monet
“Woman With a Parasol”
By: Claude Monet

Paint him, draw him, sketch him.

I had never seen anyone so beautiful before, in my life.

I had always wanted to draw; the kind of wanting that was wistful longing, the kind that you feel when you see Monet’s “Woman With a Parasol” or Cot’s “The Storm”.

 "The Storm: By:  Pierre Auguste Cot

“The Storm:
By: Pierre Auguste Cot


You stare at the masterpiece, desiring that talent, while simultaneously knowing you do not possess it, and even if you took a class and learned the technique, you would not paint that way, for the gift must be born within you.

 But I saw him,

And I wanted to paint him, draw him, sketch him.

I think it is inside of me.
The ability.

I think it was a seed God planted that was quietly germinating, and love brought it to birth.

“Princess Bride” Love.
“As You Wish.” Love.
True Love.

The gift is in my hands.
I feel it.
Its presence resonates in my fingers, more a part of them than their ten unique prints.
Fueled with every heartbeat.
Fueled by each memory.
It is alive and courses through me.

And now I know.

I know why the Mona Lisa is so beautiful.

Love was in the Painter.

"Mona Lisa" By: Leonardo da Vinci
“Mona Lisa”
By: Leonardo da Vinci

9 Replies to “Love Was In The Painter”

  1. “Woman with a Parasol” was the first painting I ever fell in love with. That painting is probably the reason I became a painter and artist.

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