Weakness? Or Strength?


It appears from time to time, in observing behavior patterns,
that some men think doing those things makes them weak.

To acknowledge that they need their woman,
To yield, or fall under that spell of hers,
Is to be “whipped” – they say.

But I’m not talking about a man being beaten down and ordered around.

I’m talking about a man acknowledging his legitimate need to be loved and surrendering that part of himself to his wife, allowing her to meet that need in him.

Is it possible that a man who senses that helplessness – his need for her – and surrenders his heart, is weak?
I don’t think so.

Adam needed Eve very much.
He didn’t say he needed her.
God did.

It is possible that the man who knows his underbelly is showing, will – in his weakness – grasp at control wildly, robbing his wife of her right, her privilege, to see the vulnerability she knows exists in him and depriving her of the opportunity to fill it, thus preventing them both from experiencing deep intimacy.

It is also possible that a different man, who experiences that scary scenario, could allow that sensation of the plummeting free-fall to run its course, and expose his basic need to his mate,  allowing her to quench that thirst with her gifts of nurturing consolation.

That is not a weak man.

He is stronger than most, for he braved rejection by revealing his naked soul to his mate, who – if she had any kind of sense – rewarded him with acceptance and affection.

The wise woman will fill her lover’s cup and do it in such a way that he would never felt emasculated.

She will reward his transparency with the greatest gift he could ask for;
her own vulnerability and her self.

For a woman needs to be needed.
And her fulfillment in being close enough to pour into him will cause so great a joy within her, that it will be her good pleasure to give his self-worth and pride the much needed boost/s he desires.

The weaker man hides himself from his wife.
The stronger man reveals.
The foolish woman scoffs at her mate.
But the wise woman gives life in word and deed.

God bless the union which is intimate in body, spirit, and soul.

They took the risks and are blessed to live out their daily  reward.

– Leah

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