On the day of one’s birth there is SO MUCH promise.
Loads of potential in a little infant body.
A bud ready to bloom, and grow, and then – one day – fill the world with its unique fragrance.

Do not ever minimize your birthday.

I grew up with a – that’s no big deal – attitude about birthdays.
I remember a few of them.
My fifteenth. My sixteenth. My seventeenth.
That seventeenth one was very sentimental as my dad came home with little opal earrings.
The opals were in the shape of a heart.
I cherish the moment and I cherish the opal as a gemstone to this day.
The opal and the pearl.
Lustrous things…

As a young adult in my early twenties –  on my birthday – someone asked me what I was going to do and I said, “Oh, I don’t know. Nothing much…” and they kind of freaked out.
In their family, the world STOPPED ROTATING on their birthday.
Every single thing that day was done in honor of the person whose birthday it was.
I thought it was weird.

LATER….As a young married woman, my spouse’s mother wanted to do that – make the world stop turning for his birthday, celebrating it at her house despite the fact that something else was going on that day that I thought superseded the birthday’s unfortunate aim – to be so careless as to land on that particular calendar square of all the calendar squares to choose from that year.

She was being perfectly reasonable.
I just had a different way of looking at life.
A different perspective.
A faulty perspective.

I remember saying, “What is the big deal? As if the day you were born is some great holiday or something.”
And as I heard myself I instantly froze – completely horrified at the sound of the words, the meaning of them, the coldness of them.

I was uttering these words to this person, whom I MARRIED, as if the day they were born was not a great day WHEN IT WAS A DAY THAT WAS GOING TO CHANGE MY LIFE in monumental  ways.

The day he was born changed my life on some fated a day in the future – 22 years from that point.

My perspective was altered forever.
He forgave me as I tearfully begged his forgiveness, and from that day on, the way I viewed birthdays was changed for the better.

Guess What!
The day you were born changed someone’s life.
Lots of someones’ lives.

You changed the future the day you came on the scene.
You made people happy just by emerging from the womb.
You made people happy with your first smile.
Your first words.
Your first steps.
Your first lost tooth.
The first time you snaked your innocent little arms around your mother’s neck and said,
“I love you, Mommy.”

Did you know that you changed the world because you existed?
Pretty Cool, Huh!?!

No matter how old you are, the day you were born IS a Holiday.
A wonderful blessed event.

Never forget that.
The day you were born changed the world.
The World.

Go and look at the calendar and mark  the square of your birthday significantly while  thanking the God who thought of you and made you, and didn’t change his mind about it.
And remember what I said, because it is the truth.

Your birthday IS a holiday!


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