Judah – I will praise the Lord for he has given me a son…

… He is fifteen today.

My third child – I tried to deliver him naturally after one c-section and one natural delivery experience that went rather well.
This time – it did not go well.
The incision from that other c-section six years before –  opened inside of me.

No one knew.
No one knew until after it was decided that another c-section was in order.
When an incision inside of you opens – blood and amniotic fluid are suddenly everywhere they are not supposed to be in your system. The first thing the doctor saw upon the initial incision into my abdomen was Judah’s umbilical cord – something that was supposed to be contained inside of the uterus.
“Danger – Danger, Will Robinson.”

That .01% chance that something like that could happen suddenly had a name attached to it.
My name.
Judah’s name.

We almost didn’t make it.
I was shaking uncontrollably, severely, on the operating table.
We didn’t know what was wrong.
No one did – the C-section had not yet begun.
I remember telling his father to pray – that something wasn’t right.
“Pray. Pray out loud. Pray in the spirit. I don’t care who hears you!”

And then they took him out, and he didn’t cry for a long time.
I think of what those poor professionals must have felt…
Listening to me make demands for answers “Now!”.
And then he did cry.
And we both lived.
They got in in time…

He is the most articulate of my children.
Gifted on stage. A natural.
Sings well.
Plays guitar well – when he wants to.
Sat at his brothers drums and shocked us all, playing like his brother who had been at it for years…

And he is the most sensitive of all of my children.
Who loves being loved and loves bestowing affection.

He isn’t my favorite.
How can a mother have a favorite?

But we walked through the valley of the shadow of death together.
Fifteen years ago today.

What does the Bible say?
Children are a gift.
An heritage of the Lord.

He is my heritage – My Blessing from the Lord.
My gift from Heaven itself.
Judah – I will Praise the Lord, for He has given me a son.


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